Behaviour Policy

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep, 2023 at 2:09 PM

Behaviour Policy

Reviewed by: Phil Parker
Next Review date : September 2024

Parent & child responsibility

We expect parents to inform us; verbally and via initial registration; if your child has any potential behavioural issues that may arise whilst on camp. Please be aware of the expected behaviour when your child attends camp.

We ask parents to join us in emphasising good conduct to their children, including;
  1. Respect for all children, demonstrating this by treating others as they themselves wish to be treated.
  2. Swearing, abusive and hurtful language is not acceptable.
  3. Aggressive behaviour or violence will not be tolerated.
  4. Respect the personal property of others and the facilities we use.
  5. Respect our FUNDA Educators and support staff by listening to them and following their instructions

If we suspect peer on peer abuse;

We loathe peer on peer abuse but we recognise it’s a very complicated issue. Therefore, we try and deal with peer on peer abuse sensitively, fairly and effectively by following this process:
  1. If a child believes they are suffering from peer on peer abuse, they are encouraged to report this to their Group Coach.
  2. Once a member of staff has been informed, they will report the incident to the Site Leader who will then discuss the matter with the child and with the Group Coach on the day.
  3. If the Site Leader believes there is a legitimate issue, they will discuss the matter with the person being accused of inflicting the abuse. The person accused of peer on peer abuse may have problems of their own so we aim to deal with them sensitively and fairly.
  4. We will contact the parents of both the abuser and the victim to communicate our findings and actions.
  5. If we are convinced that peer on peer abuse is taking place, we will decide what action is appropriate. In a serious case, we may consider the removal of the abuser from our childcare.

Staff responsibility

Our staff undergo a thorough vetting and preparation process. This includes both on-line and in-person training which emphasises our high standards of safeguarding, health and safety and care. We expect the following staff conduct at all times;
  1. Children treated fairly, recognising that each is individual with differing needs.
  2. Provide a stimulating, challenging, active and fun experience for every child.
  3. Apply clear and consistent rules and sanctions.
  4. No physical punishment, ever.
  5. Physical intervention such as holding should not be used unless it’s necessary to prevent personal injury to the child, other children, an adult or serious damage to property.
  6. No purposeful humiliation or embarrassment of an individual.
  7. Be a good role model by demonstrating high standards of conduct, care and motivation.

Behaviour management procedure

There are times when the behaviour of a child requires attention, we aim to deal with behaviour issues objectively, effectively and fairly;
  1. The direct supervisor – most likely a Group Coach – will try to deal with the situation at an early stage.
  2. If unsuccessful, the Camp Leader will try to deal with the situation, removing the child from the group but keeping the child in the proximity of others.
  3. If unsuccessful, the parent or carer will be contacted and asked to collect the child. If the parent does not collect the child, they will be notified of the behaviour issue and the relevant action required at the earliest opportunity.
  4. If unsuccessful, the Site Leader will consult with the Operations Team at Head Office to agree the most suitable course of action, this may be to suspend the child from camp.

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